Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sevakudu review

Banner-Venkataramana Productions
release-4th Jan


Manjula,Brahmanandam, Nazar,Pradeep Rawat, Azad etc
Producer-Muttineni Satyanarayana
Music-Srikanth Deva


Vijayawada SI Ramachandrayya(Nasser) who is honest and sincere believer of law, dreams that one day his son Surya(Srikanth) will become a police officer and do what he couldn't do. Put all the powerful goons behind the bars!. Surya is already into action delivering justice in his own style saying 'No Judgement...Only Punishment' and asking all to break the rules.

Surya who later has change of mind comes to the city as Police Officer only to be arrested for the murder of NRI Lakshmi Krishna Prasad(Krishna) who comes to Vijayawada to serve the poor offering free education and treatment by constructing schools and hospitals. What is the real mystery behind the murders and how Srikanth fulfills his father's dreams and aspirations should be unraveled on silver screen.


Srikanth proved that if given a chance he can shine in powerful roles. Though his dances looked routine, his dialogue delivery and ease in action is quite good. Charmi did not have any scope for performance but she looked hot. Nasser once again came with top class performance. Krishna and Manjula with their special appearances generated interest in the film.


Director Samudra made mess of entire story with out concentrating on script and screen play. He forgot the fact that politics is a vast area and he can not offer solution to each and every problem. He started off on a good note to show the strengths and weakness of police force and had he wove the script sticking to it accordingly it would have worked out well. But he included scams,black money, terrorists, rapes,politicians, criminals and what not.

Finally he failed at finding a suitable ending. He talks about changing the system and makes mockery of Indian democracy with PM and President leasing out Vijayawada to an unknown NRI and a highly temperamental son of an SI. Ultimately he ended testing the patience of viewers though the movie has some good message.


Editing could have been better for entire part of the film.Director could have done away with some gory scenes like chopping off heads. Comedy of Brahmanandam is forcibly inserted. Music of Srikanth Deva is below average but BGM is ok. Choreography could have been better.

Sevakudu spoiled the show with too many ingredients.


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