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916 KDM Prema

916 KDM Prema

Critic's Rating:  
Cast: Kranthi, Simer Motwani, Roopa Kaur
Direction: Hemanth
Genre: Romance
Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes
Avg Readers Rating: 
Rishi loves Padmavathi. She drives him crazy. He drives us nuts. Padmavathi's only fault for Rishi being so madly in love with him is that she once goes out of her way to save his life in an accident. He cannot forget her. And she does not allow him to get anywhere near her. Will Rishi's love as pure as the 91.6 per cent 22 carat gold triumph?

Son of a businessman, Rishi (Kranthi) would rather marry a prostitute from the village than get entangled with any girl from the city. He does love her but shudders at the prospect of having to play dad to a baby he did not sire. But marrying a girl from the village is still at the back of his mind.

He drinks and drives and meets with an accident. That's when Padmavathi (Simer Motwani), a village girl goes out of her way to help him recuperate. She would rather go her way but Rishi wants to marry her. The girl is simply not interested. Rishi cannot take no for an answer. The rest of the film is about what he turns into because of his obsession with her.

Trying to trace the girl, Rishi becomes miserable and beggarly. If being in love turns someone into a dirty looking and filthy creature, one cannot help but shudder at the prospect of even having to mention the word love. So mad is he after Padmavathi that after a certain point of time in the movie, one becomes allergic to the name. One man's food is certainly another man's poison.

There are scenes that are absurd. And more scenes which are more than absurd. Rishi vexes you with his love. At one time when she traces the girl, he forces a spear to be pierced from his stomach out. No one would survive that. Director Hemanth ensured he did. No one can physically remove the biological heart to be given to his lady love. Director Hemanth made Rishi do just that.

How dare one question the director's talent? You don't like it, don't watch it.

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