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Star Portrait-Venkatesh

Daggubati Venkatesh who made is surname as Victory and he is popular actor in Tollywood well known as Victory Venkatesh or Venky. He is the son of Telugu veteran producer D. Rama Naidu. Venkatesh was born on December 13th 1960 to Dr. D. Ramanaidu and Rajeshwari in Karamchedu, a village in Prakasam District. He has an elder brother, D. Suresh Babu, who runs Suresh Productions, and a younger sister, Lakshmi. Venkatesh did his schooling in Don Bosco, Egmore, Chennai. He graduated with Bachelors in Commerce from Loyola College in Chennai. Venkatesh graduated with an MBA degree from Monterey Institute of International Studies, USA. After his return to India, he wanted to get into production. He became an actor in Telugu films. His father, D. Rama Naidu and his brother D.Suresh Babu successfully runs one of the most prestigious banners in Telugu Cinema, Suresh Productions. He is married to Neeraja and has a son Arjun Ramnath and three daughters, Ashritha, Hayavahini and Bhavana. His sister, Lakshmi was previously married to rival actor, Akkineni Nagarjuna.

Film Journey

Venkatesh debuted into films through “Kaliyuga Pandavulu” in the year 1986. The movie was not only a hit but also got him his first Nandi award, which is a rare accomplishment for an actor who has just completed his debut film. At an early phase of his career, Venkatesh got to work with a great classical director Viswanath. Just two years old as an actor, Venkatesh acted in “Swarnakamalam” which was directed by Viswanath. The movie got him his second Nandi. “Varasudochadu” which was released in the same year, was another trophy. After a few flops, he got a break in the form of “Bobbili Raja”. Added to the name and performance of Venkatesh was delightful Divya Bharati, good comedy and melodious music. “Bobbili Raja” was a musical hit and also entertained audience from all sections because of its ingredients. In “Shathruvu”, Venkatesh played angry young lawyer who takes law into his hands after failing to fight the corruption through the court. Venkatesh has also worked with ace director Ram Gopal Varma for a Hindi film “Kshana Kshanam”, although it was not a success at the box office. “Chanti”, a remake of Tamil movie “Chinna Tambi”, happened in 1991. “Chanti” was definitely a challenging project for Venkatesh. “Chanti” was a box office hit and Venkatesh's career benefitted hugely by it. Starting with “Chanti”, he went for continuous remakes - that got him branded as a remake actor. “Anari” was the remake of “Chanti” in Bollywood's Hindi cinema. Venkatesh started becoming a family hero and turned out a huge fan following among women. In 2009, he teamed up with his friend Kamal Haasan for “Eeenadu”, which was released in September 2009. Venkatesh has acted in a lot of blockbusters. His films, Aadavari Matalaku Ardhale Verule and Tulasi are big hits. He is very aggressive in the work. Also he is known to be very down to earth and spiritual person. His recent multi starrer film with Mahesh Babu “Seethama Vakitlo Sirimallachettu” was created sensation at box office collections. After “SVSC” he came as sole action hero with “Shawdow” under Meher Ramesh direction but it was added one more flop in Venkatesh film career. Venkatesh is reported to break monotony by acting in the role of spiritual guru Swamy Vivekananda

 Unbelievable Facts About Venky  

Venky’s Dream role is Professer Parvatheesam

Venkatesh talk about heroism is “I don’t believe that heroism comes from violence and fights. The heroism can also arise from sacrifice.”

Is branded as a remake actor.

His quotes to life "You first exert, then you submit. After that you exit and accept it."

In Commercial Endorsements 

Venkatesh signed up signed with Manappuram General Finance and Leasing Ltd as their brand ambassador for Andhra Pradesh on April 24, 2010.

Awards and Honours

He has won 7 Nandi awards, 3 Filmfare Awards, and many other awards as best actor for playing a variety of challenging roles in his career spanning 64 feature films in 25 years. Here is the list of Awards

1986, Kinnera Award for Best Actor, Kaliyuga Pandavulu

1988, Kinnera Award for Best Actor, Brahma Putrudu

1988, Nandi Award for Best Actor, Prema

1988, Filmfare Best Actor Award (Telugu), Prema

1991, Madras Filmfans Award for Best Actor, Coolie No.1

1991, Cinegoers Award for Best Actor, Coolie No.1

1991, Bagyanagar Award for Best Actor, Shatruvu

1992, Cinegoers Award for Best Actor, Sundarakanda

1992, Yuvavahini Award for Best Actor, Sundarakanda

1993, Cinegoers Award for Best Performance, Abbai Garu

1993, Kalasagar Award for Best Actor, Abbai Garu

1993, Cinegoers Award Best Performance, Abbai Garu

1993, Nandi Award Best Actor, Dharmachakram

1995, Kalasagar Award Best Actor, Dharmachakram

1996, Vamsi Berkley Award Best Actor, Pavitra Bandham

1998, Nandi Award Best Actor, Ganesh

2000, National Award (telugu)    Best Film, Kalisundam Raa

2000, Nandi Award Best Actor, Kalisundam Raa

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