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Rye Rye movie review

Behind the screen

Sudir Raju's directoral venture Rye Rye featuring Sri, Aksha attracted the attention of all due to its star cast. Sri who made a name for himself on his debut with Ee Rojullo and Aksha who couldn't taste success even after her Kandireega turned out to be hit, paired together.  Let us see what Rye Rye has got in store.

Story Line

Childhood friends Seenu (Sri), Rambabu (Chitram Seenu), Chanti (Chanti) earns the wrath of Villagers as they torture them with their unruly acts. But they continue with their deeds without changing their ways. Seenu fall in love at first sight with village head Bhadram (Ahuti Prasad) daughter Lakshmi (Aksha) who returns to village after completing her studies. Seenu,Lakshmi decide to run away from the village to get married as they feel that Bhadram will not agree for it. Whether they get married or not should be seen on silver screen.

Star Shine

Sri impressed all with his mass looks in the film which is complete turn around from his class get up on debut. He has it in him to shine as mass hero if he fine tunes his expressions and the dialogue modulation. Aksha's acting and glamor treat is worth watching. Chitram Seenu,Chanti failed as comedians while  Ahuti Prasad's performance is below his high standards.


Director Sudhir chose a routine story with no new things to say. Some how he managed to keep viewers glued to the screens in the first half with some good dialogues, romantic scenes and interval twist. However he completely lost plot in the second half as viewers waited anxiously for the movie to end while director not knowing how to end the film. This resulted in weak climax which effected the film. Director's amatuerness in screenplay and direction is there for everyone to see.


Production values are just average. Srivasanth's music failed to make an impact except for a mass beat jilelamma. Dialogues are fine in patches while editing could have been far better.

Movie Marks

Rye RYe lacks the final push to reach success station


Banner-Sravya Balaji Movies

cast-Sri,Aksha,Vamsi,Ahuti Prasad,Tanusha,Chitram Srinu,Allari Subhashini,Chanti and others
Screenplay, Direction-Sudhir Raju
Music-Sri Vasanth

Release Date-March 15,2013

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