Sunday, 17 March 2013

3G Love movie eview

Behind the screens

Film makers are targeting college students and genex with youthful romantic entertainer. 3G love is another such film and let us see what impact it made on movie lovers.

Story Line

There is nothing much to talk about the story as all the star cast is new and the film has no storyline at all. Story revoles in a hostel campus and the discussions that go on among the inmates of the hostel, be it girls or boys. Entire film revolves around love,boyfriends, whether one boyfriend or girl friend enough or better to have more. The final twist in the film is one to one interaction between boys and girls in front of a girl who hates sex.They all discuss about sex,pregnany, love,romance etc. What happens next should be watched on silver screen.

Star Shine

All 20 or more debutants are unaware of the basic things of acting. They can not even pronounce telugu properly leave alone speak english. One can not recognise anyone. Rao Ramesh makes appearance for only couple of minutes.


The film is vulgar to the core and director sought to sail to success shores on vulugar boat. Be it a joke or what director takes pride as a punch dialogue, film is completely loaded with A content and double meaning dialogues. Since director is the dialogue writer, one can not expect anything better.

Here are some dialogues which reflects the taste of the film makers and director. "Ammayilu bluetooth lanti vallu, deggara ga unte baga connect ayitharu, dooranga unte verevadi tho connect ayitharu." (Girls are like Bluetooth, they connect to you when you are close to them, the moment to go away they will connect with somebody else in the vicinity)

Boys always want to lose their virginity, but girls never want to lose their virginity (really?). If you think you get relief from songs then you are mistaken. Check this song. Safety konchem kavale, love bandi ki stepney kavale, boyfriend okkadayithe risk e le, iddarunte godavaledu le" (we all need some safety, we all need a stepney (in love, two boy friends are better than one). This is another song "Love is just an excuse for sex".

Director's cheap taste and perception of today's youth can be known from the way he depicted college compound and auditoriums with full of comments on sex,love,pregnancy etc.


Music by Siddharth Chandra is good and Sai Sriram cinematography is excellent. Production values are ok.

Movie Marks

3G Love erases viewers love for films be it class or mass or college students. Its an insult to all college students.

Cast: Siddharth Varma, Mahesh, Joshi Ram, Neelima, Pooja, Vinni, Sravani
Direction: Govardhan Krishna
Duration: 2 hours 35 minutes
Music-Sekhar Chandra
Cinematography-Sai Sri Ram
Producer-Pratap Kolagatla
Banner-Square India Enterprises
Release date-15 March 2013

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