Monday, 5 August 2013

Young Tiger a mere Paper Tiger!

Many hail NTR as the one who do not go back on his words and show respect to the thoughts and ideologies of his renowned grand father NTR.

On every second chance he takes the name of his grand father to promote himself and his films. He even refers to his dialogues,dances to his songs in imitates him in all possible ways.

But many feel Young Tiger NTR is a mere Paper Tiger and he even insulted his grand father Viswa Vikhyata Nata Sarwa Bhowma NTR. During his days NTR used to stand for united Andhra Pradesh and during the telangana movement at its peak in 1960's he released his most popular song 'telugu jaati manadi.'.

But Young Tiger NTR who says he respects his grand father did nothing and went into silent mode without speaking about unity. This shows how selfish he is and many say he is not Young Tiger but just Paper Tiger.Many feel he is infact insulting his grand father. 

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