Monday, 19 August 2013

Will Megastar present surprise gift to fans?

Mega Star Chiranjeevi enjoys immense mass following among all sections of people in Andhra Pradesh. This might have reduced due to his political entry but still he has lot of fan following. There is no belittling when on says his tremendous fan following helped him to become Union Minister at Center.

Every year his fans celebrate his birthday in a grand manner. But this time even his fans are furious with him clinging to power not siding with them who is fighting for samaikyandhra. His birthday is on 22nd Aug and speculation is on whether he will spring a surprise giving present to his fans.

Now the question is what could be the surprise for fans. He may announce his 150th film. He may support samaikyandhra movement. He may resign from Union Minister post and lead samaikyandhra movement or he may shock all floating a new party and fight United Andhra Pradesh.

If he does all these then he will become hero in the eyes of masses. Does Megastar has guts to do so?

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