Sunday, 11 August 2013

Vishal pulling NTR from Nandamuri heroes!


Nandamuri clan never shy away from using legendary actor NTR whenever they get a chance. They know that it will give immense mileaqe to them in media and attract public attention.

However it seems a young telugu boy Vishal who made a name for himself in Kollywood and also showed his Pogaru, Pandem Kodi,Vaadu Veedu is snatching the name from Nandamuri heroes.

He is turning NTR thus competing with Nandamuri heroes like Balakrishna,NTR,Kalyan Ram,Taraka Ratna etc. Vishal named his Kollywood film MGR-Mada Gaja Raja as NTR and it stands for Nata Raja Tanaya. Anjali, Varalakshmi is starring in the film directed by C.Sundar on Gemini Film Circuit.

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