Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Star Portrait-Sr NTR

The moment people hears of three letters NTR, they will be remembering Lord Rama, Lord Krishna or their other favorite Gods. Such is the power even now the name casts on people cutting across regions and parties. Born on 28ht May 1923 in Nimmakuru, Krishna district, to Lakshmaiah and Venkataramamma, Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao was adopted by his father's brother Ramaiah and his wife Chandramma. During his college days he used to supply milk on bicycle to hotels in Vijayawada to support his family. NTR staged a play written by popular poet Viswanatha Satyanarayana and even developed penchant for singing. After completing BA he was selected for as a first 7 members in Madras public service commission out of 1100 members.
NTR made his tollywood debut in 1949 with 'Maro Charitra' in a role of police officer in direction of LV.Prasad. Many used to tell stories that he was so engrossed in the role that he beat people in real as police officer. He shared screen presence with another legend ANR in 'Palletoori Pilla' in BA.Subbarao's direction. NTR became demigod to masses as Rama in Lavakusa and Krishna in ‘Mayabazar.’ His powerful dialogues ripping apart caste system as Duryodhana in 'Dana Veera Soora Karna' still rings in the ears of everyone. He played the role of Karna and Krishna also in the blockbuster. He also won accolades for his roles as Bheeshma (Bheeshma) & Ravana (Bhookailas & Sri Sita rama kalyanam).All in all he became Lord Rama 12 times and Lord Krishna 6 times.Wonder how he became 'Viswa Vikhyata Natasarwabhowma'?. Revered paramacharya Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham after watching his spellbounding performance as Ravana in 'Bhookailas' conferred him with the honor. 

NTR's 'Patala Bhairavai' was the only south Indian film selected for 1952 international film festival. He showed to other heroes how to endear to masses with is masala steps in 'Aggiramudu' and his socio fantasy films 'Devantakudu','Yamagola' became talking point. Hit 'Rakta Sambandham' is even now remixed for successes and his dual role in 'Ramudu Bheemudu' spell bound not only tollywood movie lovers but also other regions so much so that it was remade in 6 languages. He for the first time showed how to add political flavor in films with 'Kadhanayakudu' and his commercial block busters include 'Adavi Ramudu', ''Nippulanti Manishi', 'Yugandhar', 'Bobbili Puli' etc. People will be surprised to know that though he failed metric many times he has one of the chaste and powerful dialogue delivery unmatched in the industry even now. People still remember as 'NT vodu' and 'Anna' and love him for his speeches.  Unlike many top heroes he inspired many of his fans like Sobhan Babu and Krishna to become heores in his hay days and NTR never thought them as his competors but thoroughly encouraged them. Natasekhara Krishna earned the sole distinction of become a hero from being a fan and NTR provided lots of opportunites for Sobhan Babu in his banner.
NTR won best actor award for 'Badi Pantulu' and best director award for 'Varakatnam' and 'Seetarama Kalyanam'. Govt of India garlanded him with 'Padmasri' award and many even now feel that he would have bagged many more prestigious awards had he remained apolitical. But once he took a plunge in politics, he never looked back becoming CM with in 9 months of starting a party in 1983. He stunned everyone touring entire state on his Chaitanya Ratham in election campaign in 1982. His 'Atma Gauravam' connected chord with commoners and even during strong sympathy wave during Indira Gandhi's assassination he stood tall. He played a key role in Third Front or National Front at Centre but chose to concentrate on state politics though many urged him to play important role in centre.
In between he lost power but again came back with vengeance in 1994 promising total ban on liquor and 2rs Kilo rice. He kept his promise however hard hit the treasury due to the ban. But his rejunivation was short-lived due to coup led by Chandrababu Naidu. He was credited for making revolutionary change in law enabling even daughters’ equal rights on properties inherited by parents. Whatever may be his shortcomings tollywood and movie lovers across world remember him for his spell bounding acting, powerful dialogues and terrific films.

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