Friday, 16 August 2013

Star Portrait-Raghava Lawrence

Raghava Murugaiyan Lawrence is renowned choreographer. He later appeared in films as an actor, director, composer and playback singer. He was born in Chennai on 9 January 1976 (age 37).


He made his debut with the film Aunty and hit success path with Chiranjeevi's Hitler and Master. After making his debut as a choreographer in 1993, he began looking for acting opportunities. He began his career as an actor in 1998, in a Telugu film, aged 22. He adopted the name "Lawrence" in 2001, and worked for many prominent actors and directors in Tamil cinema throughout his career. He got his breakthrough with Style and then Muni. Lawrence is also known for his intricate hip-hop and westernized dance moves .


He featured as background dancer in Chiku Buku song in Gentleman and then in Chinna Madam. He made his debut as actor in Style. He became popular with Muni,Muni-2 Kanchana and is now doing Muni 3 -Ganga.


    Filmfare Award for Best Dance Choreographer - South - Paarthale Paravasam Tamil (2001)
    Filmfare Best Choreography Award (Telugu) - Indra (2002)
    Filmfare Best Choreography Award (Telugu) - Style (2006)

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