Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Rajini's son in law 's war with 'Amma'

When someone is releated to Super Star Rajinikanth he will be revered and be scared to be dealt with. However Rajini or his family members stay away from controversies.

But his son in law Danush with his new found stardom chose to be other way. He daringly questioned Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalitha's decision to ban Ilayadalapathi Vijay's Thalaiva. Thalaiva was banned by TN Govt on the pretext of large scale violence on its release.

Dhanush after speaking against Jayalalitha,realised the mistake of going against her. Jaya is known to take anyone to task irrespective of his or her fame. Dhanush now trying to make amends with Jaya tried to cover himself saying he is not against TN Govt or Jayalalitha's decision.

He heaped praises on Jaya for giving free laptops to students and providing subsidised food at her Amma canteens. He even lavished praises on her for solving cauvery problem. Wonder whether Jaya will cool down or not?

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