Sunday, 18 August 2013

Mahesh is hypocritical MARD!

Prince Mahesh Babu is singing few lines in Bollywood initiative program MARD. The NGO in its program against crimes against women is coming with a song and Super Star Mahesh Babu will be singing some verses in the song. Many hailed his move and while the Tollywood industry is going overboard with Mahesh getting even more name and fame in Bollywood, his fans are over the moon with the developments prior to their hero's much anticipated entry.

However there is a feeling that Mahesh is an hypocritical MARD. In all his films he will teasing his heroines, make fun of them and look them down lowly. He is used to comment "osei..gesei.. and even utter dialogues 'sareeram anta koste kilo maansam ledu".Now the question is how can he raise his voice against crimes on women when he himself is playing the roles which teases women and look them down lowly.

Does Mahesh has courage to do away such scenes in his films or he cannot afford to lose his fans for a social cause. 

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