Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Harikrishna,NTR insult Balakrishna?

Balakrishna performed his daughter Tejaswini wedding today in a grand manner. Many guests, celebrities from political and film arena graced the occasion. While even Balakrishna's bitter rival Mega Star Chiranjeevi graced the occasion and blessed the new couple, shockingly Balakrishna's brother Harikrishna and his son NTR stayed away from the marriage. However Harikrishna's son Kalyan Ram attended the marriage.

Many are highly critical of Harikrishna and NTR. Though Balakrishna didnot invite NTR for engagement, he personally went to NTR's house and invited him for marriage. People thought that NTR will forget all differences and attend the wedding.

However shockingly NTR and Harikrishna didnot attend the marriage thus insulting Balakrishna. Many felt whatever may be the differences, they should have attended the marriage.

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