Thursday, 1 August 2013

'A' content sure way to success

It seems filmmakers are believe that to score a box office hit, they should fill their films with 'A' content full of slang, double meaning dialouges. Many feel gone are the days of double meaning dialogues. Now they are including everything in a direct manner.

Whatever dialogues the films contain, there is direct adult content in them. That was the reason why there will be so many beep sounds and mute scenes. This situation is quite common in small films. After Maruti scored blockbusters with Bus Stop and Ee Rojullo craze for adult content increased.

Mem Vayasuku Vachcham, It's My Love Story, 3G love contain full of 'A' content. Upcoming entertainer Romance also fall under the same category and buzz is even scared censor board members suggested 70 cuts and many mutes.

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