Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Amritha on Amitabh's hangover!

All Bollywood stars while speaking about Big B Amitabh will be in awe with his style and behavior. Amirta Rao is no different. Amrita who is playing the role of Amitabh's daughter in law in Satyagraha is amazed on his hangover.

Amrita says "What do I say about working with Mr Bachchan? The day just flies and you don't even realize while you are working with him,". She goes on to add
"He leaves a hangover of himself especially after pack-up when you come back home, the way he speaks, his voice, his sense of humour everything just mesmerizes you and you are left with a hangover of him at the end of the day",. Satyagraha is releasing on Aug 30th.

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