Sunday, 14 April 2013

Hyderabad Heritage Highlighted


    As part of Hyderabad Heritage Week 2013, Friday evening saw the government host an elaborate dinner for the delegates of the United Nations World Tourism Commission, at the beautifully-lit Golconda Fort. The venue was an ode to the bygone era, representing the Golconda Fort like it would have looked 100 years ago, in its glory days. Keeping in mind the theme of the night, Anand Sai, the curator of the show, had the fort decorated with aromatic candles and fire torches. Delegates were given a warm desi welcome with shehnai, and dhol beats. Chiranjeevi, the Union tourism minister, played a perfect host. His entire family was present, including his mother Anjana Devi, who made a rare appearance. Current secretary general of the World Tourism Organisation, Taleb Rifai, was also spotted. The breezy ambiance and the lavish spread of Nizami food made for an unforgettable royal evening.


An electrifying performance

Sneha and Allu Arjun

Taleb Rifai

Ghulam Ahmad Mir

ESL Narasimhan

Vimala Narasimhan

Anjana Devi

Mini Mathew

Anand Sai

Upasna and Ram Charan

Chiranjeevi and Surekha

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