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Swami Ra Ra movie review


Movie :            Swami Ra Ra

Rating :           3/5

Director:         Sudhir Varma


Behind the screens
Young stars Nikhil and Swathi are saying 'Swamy Ra Ra' in their quest for success on silver screen in the direction of Sudheer Verma. Let us see whether movie lovers blessed them with success stars or not.

Story Line

A golden Vinayaka idol stolen from famous Anantha Padmanabha Swamy temple Kerala changes hands from one person to another across the country and at the sametime the value of the idol increases enormously. Surya (Nikhil) earns his livelihood by indulging in pickpocketing along with his gang and suddenly finds himself in possession of the precious idol. However when dreaded criminal Durga Prasad (Ravi Babu) kidnaps his journalist girl friend Swathi(Swathi), he decides to help her parting away with the idol. How the events unfold should be enjoyed on silver screen.


Nikhil gave a neat performance. His changed style and looks are a perfect match for the storyline. Colors Swathi gave a bubbly performance and her beauty will be remembered for long time. Others came with spirited performances. 

Director Sudheer Verma came with good storyline and neat script and executed it perfectly without deviating or pulled by the pressures of tried and tested formulas. Film slowed a bit here and there but overall it is passable. Except for predictable climax and story reminding people of some of the previous hits, film is enjoyable to the core. He extracted optimum performance from all actors and his technical team helped him in filming the story in a good and enjoyable manner. 


Lakshmi Narasimha Entertainments banner production values are quite good. Editing of SR.Sekhar could have been little better but nothing to complain. Sunny gave good enjoyable tunes as music director and his background score generates interest in the film. Richard Prasad's cinematography is excellent. 

Movie Marks

Nikhil and Swathi makes Swami Ra Ra a sweet special for movie lovers.


Banner: Lakshmi Narasimha Entertainments
Cast: Nikhil, Swathi, Pooja, Chanti, Ravi Babu, Jeeva, Jogi Brothers and others
Music: Sunny M R
Cinematographer: Richard Prasad
Editor: S R Shekhar
Story, screenplay, dialogues, direction: Sudhir Varma
Producer: Chigurupati Chakri
Release date: 23/03/2013

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