Saturday, 9 March 2013

NTR shows he is Nata Sarwabhowma

Entire Andhra Pradesh knows that NTR is a legend and even though decades passed since his demise, the lasting impression he created in the hearts of movie lovers and even in some people as CM of Andhra Pradesh can not be erased. The samething is proven in a poll conducted by popular news channel CNN-IBN to celebrate 100yrs of Indian Cinema.

NTR beat hands down greats like Dilip Kumar, Gurudut,Balraj Sahani,Om Puri,Nasiruddin Shah, MGR,Sivaji Ganesan,Dr.Rajkumar,Kamal Hasan,Mohan Lal. While NTR got 53% votes, Kamal got 44% votes. Mohan Lal, Rajkumar got just 1% votes. Other stars couldn't get even 1% votes.
Sridevi emerged victorious polling 39% votes while Madhuri got 16% and Savitri 12%. Aishwarya got just 8%.Nayakan got greatest film with 42% voting for it while Sholay stood second with 29%.Ilayaraja is ruling music world with 49% while Rahman got 29%.
NTR who popularly known as Viswavikhyata Natasarwabhowma (Emperor in the acting world) is synonymous for the roles he played. He used to live in any role he palyed and in his trade mark style and powerful dialogues he glorified even villanous characters like Ravana,Keechaka,Duryodhana,
Karna etc. Many worshipped him as Lord Krishna and Lord Rama.
He later created a record, coming to power with in 9 months of launching a party TDP to uproot Cong, invoking telugu pride

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