Friday, 29 March 2013

Arvind 2 movie review

 Movie:           Aravind-2

Rating:          2.25/5

Director         Sekhar Suri


Behind the screens

Director Sekhar Suri who earlier thrilled all with the film 'A Film by Aravind', this time came with a sequel titled 'Aravind-2'. Let us see what impact Aravind will make on viewers.

Story Line

Aravind (Sri) who was interrogated for deaths of five of his friends at Dandelli forest near Karnataka by Officer (Banerjee) in Goa Central Prison. When he uses third degree, his sub-ordinate who happens to be Priya’s (Madhavi Latha) father. He believes Aravind and asks him to escape as the officer is hand in hand with Mayor whose son Joseph goes missing. Aravind while escaping from mayor's thugs who are out to kill him, bumps into a film unit who was out on shooting in Goa and the director (Avasarala Rajesh) who selects him as second hero. The unit has Rishi (Kamal Kamaraju) as hero and Tanushka (Adonika) as heroine. When the film unit shifts shooting to Dandelli forest, one by one in the group gets killed. Who is the killer and what is the reason behind the gruesome murders and whether anyone will survive should be unraveled on silver screen.

Star Shine

Sri did well in the role brining in various emotions while others like Kamal Kamaraju, Adonika and Madhavi Latha expressed themselves well. Others did their job according to the roles.


Director at the end gave credit to the character Jason in the Hollywood film stating Friday the 13th is his inspiration. True to his liking he came out trumps with the technical aspects of the film. Everything is in place as per taking, music, background scores and other technical values. However if director has expected people to get scared after watching the film then it will not be as the plot itself is completely predictable. One can be rest assured that hero will be safe except for others. 

With so many characters introduced in the first 10 minutes people get confused and with story moving back and forth to investigation and shooting during that time, it will make people scratch their heads. Some loopholes are when junior officer releases hero on bail, what was the other officials doing. Why did they not investigate the killings, despite Mayor's son getting killed. Wonder whether they thought that mayor's men will take care of the case. Climax is predictable and the second half tested the patience. While the first half confused, second half dragged.


K.Rajendra Babu's cinematography is beautiful while editing of Bhimreddy Tirupathi Reddy could have been better especially in the second half. Production values are good. Devi Sri Prasad's back ground score is gripping creating interest. Music and songs have nothing to talk of except for glamour show by heroines.

Movie Marks

Despite the short comings and old wine in new bottle Arvind-2 may appeal to people who love psycho thrillers but not for all.


Directed by     Sekhar Suri
Produced by     G. Phanindra,G. Vijay Choudary
Written by     Bala ,Surendra Krishna
Starring     Sri,Madhavi Latha,Kamal Kamaraju,Srinivas Avasarala,Adonica
Music by     Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography     K. Rajendra Babu
Editing by     Bhimreddy Tirupathi Reddy
Studio     Sri Vijayabheri Productions
Release date(s)     February 2013

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