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okkadine movie review

Okkadine movie review

Movie :          Okkadine

Rating:          2/5

Director:      Srinivas Raga

Behind the Screens
Nara Rohit who starred in thought provoking films like Banam and then scored success with Solo is saying Okkadine under the direction of Srinivas Raga. Nitya Menon is romancing in the film. Let us see what impact Nara Rohit makes on viewers as Okkadine.


Story Line


Aspiring CM cum Business Tycoon Shivaji Rao(Sai Kumar)'s daughter Shailaja(Nitya Menon) returns to India and while on holiday trip to Vizag finds out that what ever she utters happens and that too it results in murder to her horror. In the midst of all this she will be attracted towards Surya(Nara Rohit) family in the village without realising that a shocking news awaits her in the form of Srinu Mama(Naga Babu). What is that shocking news, does Shailaja and Ravi's love blossom, did Shivaji Rao become CM and what is the mystery behind mysterious murders should be unraveled on silver screen.

Nara Rohit put a decent performance. He tried his best to entertain in dances but needs to improve more. Similar is the case with his expressions and acting. Nitya Menon is beautiful and she looked different in her role this time. She did not get much chance to perform except for love scenes. Sai Kumar showed his villanious shades in a spectacular manner while Naga Babu did justice to his role.Srinivas Reddy and Brahmanandam did their best in comedy scenes. Others like Kota Srinivasa Rao, Chandra Mohan got small roles.Rachna Mourya looked hot in the item song.


Director Srinivas Raga tried to be different by mixing family drama with revenge saga and a bit of suspense in it. However he botched up the entire second half while the first half is ok mostly due to interval bang. The twist gives suspense part but with in minutes of second half he unraveled it without much conviction in it. He filled first half with family relations and at manytimes looked monotonous and routine. The scenes dragged quite a lot which effected the tempo. Second half turned out predictable with climax turning out to be a dud. His inept screenplay and direction spoiled the film.


Production values are average. Martand K Venkatesh editing could have been better. Andrew's cinematography is not upto the mark and he failed to capture many scenes in beautiful manner. Except for seethakoka chiluka song, Kartik's music is not catchy. Background score didnot elevate the film. Even Puttintollu tarimesaru remix did not attract many.
Movie Marks
Okkadine failed to make the cut at the box office.


Directed by     Srinivas Raga
Produced by     CV Reddy
Written by     Chintapalli Ramana
Starring     Nara Rohit,Nithya Menon
Music by     Karthik
Cinematography     Andrew
Editing by     Marthand K. Venkatesh
Studio     Gulabi Movies
Release date(s)   February 14, 2013

Running time     133 minutes
Country     India
Language     Telugu

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