Thursday, 3 January 2013

Table No 21 review

Release date: 4 Jan 2013
Director : Aditya Datt
Producer : Viki Rajani,
Sunil A Lulla
Music Director : Gajendra Verma, Sachin Gupta
Starring: Rajeev Khandelwal,
Tena Desae, Paresh Rawal

Rajeev Khandelwal’s controversial television debut show, ‘Sach Ka Saamna’ comes to the silver screens with Table No. 21. Set in the beautiful landscapes of the Fiji Island, the movie promises to lure the viewer’s attention right till the end. Starring the experienced Paresh Rawal, Table No 21 is directed by Aditya Bhatt. After a series or promotions this movie has finally hit the screens. Let’s see how it is.

Story :

The story revolves around a happily married couple Vivaan (Rajeev Khandelwal) and Siya (Tena Desae) who win a free lucky draw trip to the Fiji Islands. It is when Mr. Khan (Paresh Rawal) who is the host to their trip, tricks them to play a game which has been viewed by eight million people through the internet.

To the couple’s surprise with each question, the game becomes more and more dangerous, leaving the couple but with no choice but to play the game. With every question there is a task that they will have to perform to win the price money of 21 crores. The rules are absolutely simple though; if you lie, you die. The rest of the movie is about the couple playing the game and whether or not they lie or die.

Plus Points :

Rajeev’s good looks and effective acting, Tena’s sensuality and Paresh’s villainous avatar is something that gives the movie a heads up. He sets the screen ablaze with his clever acting skills. He holds the movie right till the end and is worth watching in the climax. The concept of settling a dangerous game setting in the beautiful landscapes of Fiji is quite interesting.

The climax of the movie is really is an eye-opener and will definitely touch the lives of many. The second half of the movie is interesting and shocking. Tena’s beauty is sensibly used in some of the scenes. The game and the whole thrills associated with the game are worth a mention and also make you stick to your seats.

Minus Points :

The movie in some places seem to be less realistic. Even though Aditya Dutt has done a good job with the plot, the flick could have been more extended. Few rounds of the game seem to be outdated, which makes the first half of the movie a little slow and tedious. Even though Paresh has carried his look well, the actor would have been giving some more humor to carry, which is his forte. The first half could have been more sleek as some scenes have been dragged out.

Technical Aspects :

Numbers like ‘Mann Mera’ and ‘O Sajna’ are set in the perfect scene and timing. The director has taken a smart step in giving the movie less songs and more suspense. Aditya Dutt gets is successful in making the second part of the movie much more interesting than the first.

He makes the questions more dangerous, tensed and even sometimes nail-biting. Cinematography is cool and shows the fiji islands and the whole hotel set up efficiently. Screen play is the heart of the movie and is apt in most of the film

Verdict :

On the whole, Table No. 21 is one film will does not disappoint at all. Paresh rawal in a villainous avatar after a long time and the amazing chemistry of the new on-screen couple are sure shot plus points. On the flip side this movie is not the regular pop corn entertainer. Finally, If you are a fan of saucy thrillers an edge of the seat moments, Table No 21 is a film which is surely worth a watch. The social message in the end is the icing in the cake.

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