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David movie review

 Release date: 01 Feb 2013
Director : Bejoy Nambiar
Rating : 3.25/5
Producer : Bejoy Nambiar, Sharada Trilok
Music Director : Bramfatura,
Mikey McCleary
Starring: Vikram, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Lara Dutta

Amalgamating multiple stories in a single film, is a concept that not many directors have managed to take up. From movies like Yuva, Life in a Metro, Salaam-E-Ishq and Shor in the City, some movies have been successful and some did not. With this weeks’ release David, the trend has once again been carried on. After his critically acclaimed film Shaitaan, Bejoy Nambiar is back with his bilingual film David. Starring the talented Neil Nitin Mukesh and South Star Vikram, the movie is set to release this Friday. Bollywood3 has got an exclusive movie review of David, so lets see how it is…

Story :

The story revolves around three characters of three different generations, Neil Nitin Mukesh in London (1975), Vinay Virmani in Mumbai (1999) and Vikram in Goa (2010). The three characters have different stories, but have one thing in common which is their name, David.

The first story is based on the life of David (Neil Nitin Mukesh)a gangster who lives with his beloved baba(Ghani). David is absolutely possessive about his baba and does not let anyone come near to him. On the other hand, David is in love with Noor (Monica Dogra), but does not reveal his affair to anyone because of their difference in caste.

The second track portrays a 1999 Mumbai. David (Vinay Virmani) lives with his dad, Father Noyal (Nassar) and his two sisters. He is an aspiring guitarist who dreams big for himself. It is only Neelam Mam (Lara Dutta) his guitar teacher, who believes in David’s dreams and supports him. One day David gets a huge opportunity to perform but his dad, Father Noyal becomes the victim of political problems. Now David is forced to forget his career, and starts appealing for justice.

The third story is of David (Vikram) in Goa, who is a drunkard and does no work. He is 40, and hates marriage as his long time girlfriend leaves him for some one else. He lives a carefree life and does not care about anyone, until he falls in love with Roma (Isha Sharvani). One fine day David comes to know that his best friend (Peter) is about to marry Roma, and a huge misunderstanding separates the couple. Finally, it is his friend Frenny (Tabu) who comes into his life and decides to help him.

Finally, as the three stories unfold, Will the David in London get up and fight for himself, and reveal his affair to his Baba? Will the David from Mumbai get justice for his father? and Whether the David from Goa, manages to get back Roma in his life? This forms the rest of the story.

Positive Points:

Even though Neil Nitin Mukesh has a few dialogues in the first half, his screen presence is what which holds the movie. He is surely the star of the film, and plays his role with lot of ease and perfection. Vinay Virmani carries the look of a musician aptly, and his performance is pleasing. Vikram surprises you in a never done before role . He brings the humor element in the movie and is quite convincing. Tabu’s performance as always, is bold and up to the mark. Isha Sharvani’s role as a mute girl is quite decent.

The real stars of David are Nasaar, Saurabh Shukla and Rohini Hattangadi who give a stunning performance. They are so apt for their roles, and give a lot of weight to the film. David has some nail biting scenes right throughout the movie. Milind Sonam in a small role is quite decent.

Negative Points:

Since the movie goes back and forth in time, it becomes a little confusing sometimes. Vinay Virmani’s character is not that convincing and is stereotypical. His story is slow in the first half, and slows down the pace of the movie. Vikram’s plot has no substance and many of his drinking scenes could have been completely chopped off.

The first half has less thrills, when compared to the second. Bejoy has successfully created three different stories in different eras, but their connection that is showcased is unrealistic. The climax showcased also does not live up to the expectations that have been built up from the beginning.

Technical Apects:

R.Rathnavelu, P.S.Vinod and Sanu Varghese require a special mention here for their incredible cinematography. Action sequences have been shot quite brilliantly, particularly the one involving Vinay Virmani. Songs are placed in the right sequences, especially the ‘Dama Dam’ song which features Sarika. Neil’s plot, which is set in black and white, makes the film’s look more authentic. Editing is apt and so is the background score. Bejoy Nambiar’s taste for aesthetics is miraculous, which creates an unusual beauty for the film.

Verdict :

On a whole, David falls in the category of new age cinema, which totally depends on the characters rather than the stars. Stunning performances by Neil Nitin Mukesh and some well designed thrills are sure shot plus points. On the flip side slow pace of the movie and a disappointing climax, spoils some of the fun. Finally, David is a film which is worth watching for its interesting and unusual way of story telling.

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