Saturday, 15 December 2012

Posing Naked for craze or charity?

,Is naked ambition still the most saleable one when it comes to charity?
Selling virginity I Catarina Migliorini, a 20-year-old Brazilian student, sold her virginity on auction for $780,000 to a Japenese businessman. Migliorini said 90% of her fee will go to a charity that builds homes in her native country. Erotic massage I The Swedish-based Welfare Group Disabled and Sexuality arranges services such as erotic massage for the physically disabled. A chunk of FABS funding comes from charity donations and a part from the Swedish government! The Naked Clowns for charity I The dress code of multiple sclerosis research fundraisers is their birthday suits. With a goal of raising $1,000,000, the Naked Clowns have been performing across America. Panties for Charity I People actually pay a healthy sum just to hold a pair of panties worn by famous people. Lost actress Evangeline Lilly’s panties were auctioned. Remember Tareq Salahi and his wife, the couple accused of crashing a White House state dinner? He’s now selling his estranged wife’s used underwear, saying the money he raised is going to charity. Reportedly, even Pooja Bhatt sold Sunny Leone’s underwear for charity. Pop singer Kylie Minogue’s bra made £2,400 pounds for a charity.
Pirelli Calendar fans, eagerly awaiting their annual dose of naked bodies, will be in for a shock this year. After 40 editions comprising nudes of the most famous and beautiful women in the world, the company has taken a U-turn. The 2013 edition features models known for their extensive charity work. Renowned photojournalist Steve McCurry has done away with nudes and focused his lenses on faces. He took the decision as he thought nudes would “dilute the message and compromise their work”

Modelactivist Summer Rayne Oakes shot by McCurry

Students from the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama raised money for autistic people; (centre) Ros Fawcett, one of the original calendar girls. Till date, they have raised over US $2million for leukaemia and lymphoma research; (right) The Bristol University netball team posed nude to pay for their fitness classes, sports kit etc...

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