Friday, 7 December 2012

Khiladi 786 review

Release date: 07 Dec 2012
Director : Ashish R Mohan
Producer : Twinkle Khanna, Himesh Reshammiya, Sunil Lulla
Music Director : Himesh Reshammiya
Starring: Akshay Kumar, Asin, Mithun Chakraborty


Akshay Kumar, who had given super hits in Rowdy Rathore and Oh My God, is back with his action entertainer Khiladi 786. Produced by Himesh Reshamiya, Khiladi 786′s music has been a chart buster, making this film the most awaited in recent times. After a huge promotion and publicity Khiladi 786 has finally released today. Let’s see how it is.


Mansukh(Himesh Reshamiya) is a wedding planner who works with his father in arranging marriages. But to his bad luck Mansukh ends up spoiling all the weddings with his silly mistakes. After one famous wedding turns into complete chaos, his father kicks him out of the house. A disappointed Mansukh leaves to Mumbai and decides to some how get a high profile wedding fixed, and impress his father.

As soon as he lands in Mumbai, Mansukh gets into an argument with Asin, who is the sister of a famous don TTT(Mithun Chakravarthy). TTT, who is obsessed with his sister, wants to get her married at any cost. Taking this reason as his advantage Manuskh lies to TTT that he has a great marriage proposal, and reveals about Bhahattar Singh(Akshay Kumar) On the other hand Bahattar Singh is happy go lucky thief, who also wants to get married and falls to Mansukh’s lies about this match. What is Mansukh’s lie? and How does he get both the families together, forms the rest of the story.

Plus Points:

Himesh Reshamiya, who has written the story does a decent job. Though the plot is predictable, he manages an intriguing story line. Akshay Kumar looks good and does his part well. Himesh Reshamiya steals the show here. He is extremely good in comedy scenes and plays the sheer anchor’s role. Songs of the film are a big bonus and will surely attract good crowds. First half of the movie has some fun elements. Asin’s chemistry with Akshay looks good on screen. Comedy scenes between Akshay and Mithun Chakravarthy are worth a mention. This kind of entertainment will surely be liked by the front bencher’s and mostly in the interior parts of India.

Minus Points:

Khladi 786 is one film, which has over the top moments in huge doses. The action is over rated to the core, and some scenes have been dragged out for no reason. For the first time, Akshay Kumar some how has a weak role in the film. He does not have much to do in the film and appears mostly during the fights and songs.

Though the story is good, its execution is where the film falters. The film slows down in the second half and looses it way . Over the top comedy, stunts and drama will not be liked by some urban audience. Some basic loopholes and character justifications have been missed in the film.

Technical Aspects:

The movie has some funny one liners, which are written quite well. Songs are a big plus for this film. Himesh Reshamiya has given a memorable score and Hooka Bar, Long Drive and Balma are sure shot chart-busters, which have been shot extremely well. Dialogues are decent and so is the editing. The whole look of the film is good, and some action scenes have been choreographed well.

Screenplay of the film could have been a lot stronger. One can say the director has been completely involved himself in giving this film a complete masala look and in the process failed to add the main ingredient.


On the whole, Khiladi 786 is one film which has the so called masala elements to the core. Superb songs and decent comedy are sure shot plus points. On the flip side, some overrated performances and over the top sequences spoil the fun. If you are some one who loves masala entertainers and some exaggerated situations, Khiladi 786 is just a one time watch only for its songs.

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