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Mythri review

Mythri (Telugu: మైత్రి) is a 2012 Telugu Suspense Thriller Film directed by Surya Raju starring Navdeep and Sadha in the Lead roles. Rajesh Kumar produced the movie on Hanu Cine Creations Banner and Vikas provided the Music.



The movie was launched at Annapurna Studios on May 06, 2012. Nandini Reddy , Satish Reddy, Rajesh Kumar, Surya Raju attended this event.[1] Since then the movie was shot in a nonstop mode. This marks the return of Sadha to Telugu and Tamil Industry and in this film, she palys the titular role of Mythri, a docile and well mannered young woman during day time. But once the sun goes down, a peculiar change can be observed in Mythri. She turns hysterical, roams around all alone and behaves in mystical ways and the story is all about this change and the mystery behind it

Movie Review-Mythri


Directed by     Surya Raju
Produced by     Rajesh Kumar
Written by     surya raju
Screenplay by     surya raju
Story by     surya raju
Starring     Navdeep,Sadha,Bramhanandam,Uttej,"Chitram" Seenu,Suman Setty, Satyam Rajesh

Music by     Vikas
Cinematography     sleva kumar
Editing by     vinay
Studio     Hanu Cine Creations
Release date(s)

30 November 2012


Dipak(Navdeep) an aspiring director approach Genious Murthy(Brahmanandam) TV channel head with a unique ad concept. However Murthy okays his concept with a condition that he shoots the ad on his PA. Dipak with much after thought and prodding from his team agrees to Murthy's condtion and selects a lonely bunglow for his shooting purpose for seven days speaking to the watchman of the house.

While he reluctantly shoots the ad, Mythri(Sada) owner of the house comes arrives much to the surprise to settle the property dealings before flying to US once again. Dipak convices Mythri to shoot for his ad and during the inmates experiences unique happenings in the house along with a murder attempt on Mythri.

What is the mystery behind the mysterious happenings should be found out on sliver screen.


Navdeep and Sada's roles don't have much scope for performance. Sada looked good in two songs.Brahmanandam tried to bring some smiles. Kallu Chidambaram, Uttej,"Chitram" Seenu,Suman Setty, Satyam Rajesh and others peformed according to their roles.


Director Surya Raju prepared a good script and he should be first credited for maintaining the suspense part in the film till the final few minutes. Had he sketched some performances oriented roles for the lead pair, film would have been on different platter. Romance and climax scenes are not elevated convincingly. Though suspense is maintained till the end, there is no convincing reason for attacks on Mythri. Songs acted as speed breakers while Uttej's dialogues on film industry though good was washed away in his drunken concept.


Production values are ok. Music by Vikas is fine and stands out in two songs, one saree song showcasing the Indian tradition. Selva Kumar's cinematography is ok and editing by Vinay is average. Had directed finetuned the storyline, it could have caught the attention of movie lovers with mouth talk.

Final Talk

Mythri keeps movie lovers glued to screens till a point before loosening its noose like grip.

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